Xxyzzt, Red-Eyed Tyrant

  • Appeared in: Challenge 1, Episode 13
  • Program ID: Three Towers, Entity No. 1-86
  • Special Moves: Eye beams, Eye Beam Extravaganza, Ale Critical Wounds

During a routine bar brawl in the City of Fortune sector of Three Towers, programmers and users alike discovered that entity Xxyzzt was routinely blowing the entire scenario out of proportion when he would enter the fray and proceed to slay everyone in the city and leave the metropolis as little more than a smoldering wasteland.

Xxyzzt is a beholder, a powerful and vain creature with a penchant for human ales and an unnaturally steep uncanny valley. Xxyzzt is programmed to simply lurk in the shadows of a bar until confronted by a user, at which point a sub quest typically opens up. However, due to some unknown glitch, Xxyzzt’s sensitivity causes him to respond to any stimulus, be it from a user or another entity, as if provoked to the point of hostility. Unfortunately for everyone, Xxyzzt’s location puts him at considerable risk of becoming involved in a bar brawl. When such an event is triggered, all it takes is a wayward tossed chair or a careless drunken punch, and the entire city finds itself at the wrong end of a barrage of deadly eye beams.

Demian requested that the party look into confronting Xxyzzt after such an event would occur. Demian, not wishing to remove the entity from the program altogether, feels that it if a standard for difficulty can be set, Xxyzzt’s coding can be altered so that he only appears in areas where users identities are scaled to a high enough level to contain the threat, thus solving the problem while providing users with a chance to exercise their desire for heroics.

The challenge is to find Xxyzzt and defeat him soundly. If the party is able to do so, then measures can be taken to only allow him to appear in areas where there are users that are scaled up to a level that put their prowess on a level equivalent to the party. If the party happens to fail, then the only option is to remove Xxyzzt from the program and replace him with a less volatile entity.

Xxyzzt typically bursts into battle with a lot of enthusiasm and makes good use of his eye beams. He typically tries to take down warriors with his sleep and charm rays before he starts picking off the alchemists with his disintegration and finger of death beams. Any being that he finds interesting is typically turned to stone, and he makes good use of his anti-alchemical cone to suppress the use of alchemy. He also has the Heroic Surge ability, that allows him to gain turn advantage on his opponents.

He is programmed with two special moves that he alone can use. His Eyebeam Extravaganza attack can be used once per battle, and triggers once again upon his defeat. It allows him to fire a beam at every participant in the battle. The result of the beam is determined at random.

His other attack was inserted as an easter egg, but has proven to be quite annoying just the same. His Ale Critical Wounds ability can be used whenever there is a sufficient supply of alcohol within his line of sight. Using telekinesis, he gathers up all the ale he can stand, and proceeds to ingest it all in an single effort. Any living creature watching must try their hardest not to be demoralized by the display. Once it is over, his wounds seem to heal on their own. Smart warriors will try and bait him away from the bar, or will ignite the alcohol themselves to prevent him from using this skill.


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