Vanished Beasts

Vanished Beast

  • Native Planet: Arkova IV
  • Type: Magical Beast
  • Information: A ferocious predator that makes use of natural alchemical frequencies to pierce dimensional layers in order to stalk its prey. It lurks within the forests of the Harfax continent, where it subsists on a diet of woodland creatures and the occasional chirotrani. They have also been known to show a proclivity for the phosphorescent mushrooms of the deep forest caverns, although there is no known reason why these carnivorous creatures would eat such an unusual thing.

Due to it’s vicious nature, the chirotrani believe the creatures to be the spirits of those who died while corrupted by use of advanced technology. It is because of their ability to cloak themselves in a dimensional camouflage that the chirotrani refer to them as the “vanished beasts.” Although they are rarely seen, they have a distinctive feline appearance, and an emerald green pelt that refracts light. Although it is considered to be a luxury outside the valleys of Harfax, the chirotrani believe that any items made from the beasts’ pelt will be cursed, and as such they shun the use of it.

Genetic mapping shows that the vanished beasts of the chirotrani bear a strong relation to the displacer beasts of Maya III. Because of this, researchers believe that interdimensional mobility may be an evolutionary trait that occurs on planets with a high level of natural alchemical activity.

While searching for a variety of ingredients needed to prepare a balm for the sickness of the newcomers, Tuona, Roth, and Mauta accidentally wandered into a den of irritable beasts in search of phosphorescent mushrooms. Due to a lack of suitable equipment, however, no additional information could be procured.

Vanished Beasts

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