• Native Planet: Arkova IV
  • Creature Type: Monstrous Humanoid
  • Information: A vulgar, foul smelling race of creatures indigenous to the forests of Harfax on Arkova IV. They tower at an impressive nine feet tall, and have greyish green, mottled skin the texture of pocked leather. Their faces are often scarred ritualistically in a form of ceremonial magic. It is said that when a trosc reaches adolescence, he scars himself as a gift to the Water God Chlana.

Troscs are a race of powerful and sentient creatures from the Harfax continent of Arkova IV. They dwell in dark forests and damp caverns, but ultimately prefer to make their homes in places that were once occupied by other species.

Although intelligent, troscs are at a notable disadvantage when it comes to technology, making use of tools that are even more primitive than those utilized by the Chirotrani. They are also lacking in any form of organized social structure, residing in small, isolated families that rule based on shows of strength and cleverness.

Troscs are renowned in Harfax for two qualities- their ability to regenerate even the most severe wounds, and their lust for human money. It is said their regenerative powers come as a gift from their Water God, but their love of money is unexplained. It may be that they have a unique physiology that requires the consumption of gold on a regular basis, but this is only theory.

The team encountered troscs while traversing the woods between the Valley and the city of Harfax. It was very much confirmed that the troscs could recover from even the most severe flesh wounds, but it was also discovered that this ability could not recover wounds from energy weapons or natural fire. It was speculated that since their gift is bestowed by a god of water that they are awarded no protection against the domains of the fire god, but this may be little more than an imaginative excuse.


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