• Native Planet: Votum II (speculated), Maya III
  • Creature Type: Outsider (Augmented Abberation)
  • Information: A type of avatar form taken by the supporters of the Silver Beast. Allegedly, these beings are extraterrestrial in origin, but transfer their psionic essence into a humanoid body with alchemical powers for the purposes of guiding and influencing indigenous life. This type uses their abilities to alter their shape and influence emotion to appeal to the reproductive natures of the natives, in order to indirectly influence the breeding of desirable characteristics. It’s natural shape is that of a comely being with leathery wings and a prehensile tail, but it can assume many different shapes.

A shapeshifting being of extraterrestrial origins, the “Succubus”, called such for their similarities to the creatures of Earthly legend, wanders planets visited by the Silver Beast in order to influence the native life on its behalf.

Skilled with alchemy and political intrigues alike, they commonly infiltrate humanoid cultures and use their unique talents to effectively manipulate society. They are not strong combatants by any means, but they can turn even the most deadly foe into a resource through use of their emotional manipulation powers.

In specimens that have been documented, they are also prone to acts of vice, be it use of narcotic substances, sexual abuse, and other negative behaviors. It is speculated that this is a side effect of taking human form- a psychological detriment gained by putting oneself on the level of a much lower life form for a prolonged period of time.

Although generally sexually active, Succubus type beings cannot bear children with humanoid beings. This is direct contrast to the legends of most worlds on which they appear, which commonly attributes the appearance of alchemically gifted progeny to their various seductions. This is more likely due to their other interferences, which are often used to breed strong alchemical tendencies in a desired race.

The team has only encountered one Succubus type, on Maya III. It went by the name of Lora, a woman of local myth, and attempted to trick the team and assume the identity of one of them in order to escape the sealed subspace and return to its homeworld, presumably Votum II.


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