Scheinwelt Emulator

Scheinwelt Emulator

A type of psi-tech simulation hardware developed by Kodotama Incorporated. Released late 934 PF, Scheinwelt Emulators are fast becoming among the most popular forms of entertainment across the galaxy.

A Scheinwelt Emulator operates by creating a detailed environment that is controlled through a complex computer network. The network is capable of connecting to the sensory centers of a living being’s conscious mind. As a result, users are able to immerse themselves in fantastically realistic worlds that are projected into their minds.

The Scheinwelt Emulator works much like the technology used in Rovarri thought sculpting, but is much more flexible, allowing for changes in perception that allow the individual to engage in activities otherwise impossible for them to take part in, such as detailed combat and epic adventures.

Use of techniques such as identity scaling and consciousness connectivity allow individuals to go far beyond merely interacting with the virtual world. It becomes very possible for the individuals to live as another being altogether, sharing the memories and experiences of other users and fictional beings alike.

Currently, Scheinwelt Emulators require a great deal of hardware, and home use of the products is small. Most Scheinwelt Emulators are installed into large facilities owned by Kodotama, although some smaller, privately owned facilities do exist.

Another popular feature of the Scheinwelt Emulator is its ability to record events taking place during use and broadcast them to any variety of vid screens or lesser simulation systems. The events of individuals within emulators has made for profitable entertainment for both the participants and Kodotama.

Scheinwelt Emulator

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