Naturally Alchemical Arkovan

  • Native Planet: Arkova IV (disputed)
  • Creature Type: Humanoid (Human)
  • Information: Bearing an almost identical genome to the humans of Sol III, the NAAs are set apart by a single genetic trait- the ability to harmonize with naturally occurring alchemical frequencies in order to perform self contained alchemical conversions. This genetic trait is attributed to a supernatural phenomenon by the Arkovan people, whose society is primarily ruled by a hierarchy of powerful NAAs archaically referred to as “sorcerers”.

NAAs are not dependent on orexisite to perform their conversions, and seem to be able to execute such miraculous techniques with very little aid. It has been documented that they require proper rest and nutrition to perform such feats, but for the most part they are capable of utilizing this power with no other material. However, this does not mean that orexisite is useless to them- quite the opposite. The potency of their conversions is amplified exponentially based on the amount of accessible lure, making the rare mineral just as precious to the Arkovans as it is to the technology dependent people of the Coalition.

Due to the events at spatial coordinates 1296-1444A3, it is widely believed that the only surviving NAAs are Tuona Foundling and Mauta. Since their stay in captivity, it has become widely apparent that the genetic trait of the NAAs is a mutation triggered by environment, and that within this trait there are several variations.

The female, Tuona, seems to perform conversions in a passive format, creating alchemical algorithms that in turn trigger environmental responses. The male, Mauta, on the other hand, seems to be able to convert matter more directly, wielding his surroundings more aggressively.

Naturally Alchemical Arkovan

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