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The Accretion Gospel came to be when the question came up in my gaming group- “I wonder what it would be like to play a campaign that used D&D and d20 Modern supplements at the same time?”

Over the course of a few months, I came up with a setting for it, combining the swords and sorcery antics of D&D with the high technology and more customizable roles of D20 Modern. Taking inspiration from a variety of science fiction and fantasy tales, my playgroup and I collaborated to create a world where magic and science could co-exist both mechanically and flavorfully.

The campaign, although higher powered than typical d20 Modern and lower powered than standard D&D, is designed to support a lot of action and adventure, but also has been very supportive of some really quality roleplaying.

The ultimate goal is to create a campaign world in which myself and my players can act out a grand space epic all their own, where they can experience the fun of traditional D&D without the limitations of your standard D&D conventions- a world as of yet explored, where countless lifeforms and strange phenomenon co-exist tenuously.

Current Cast (PCs):

Name Description First Appeared In
Colonel Arro Ceid Mendel soldier of the Coalition military and captain of the special forces squadron Episode 1
Special Major Janet Blackchurch Human mercenary assigned to the special forces squadron, recently given rank Episode 1
Tesla Soldat Millionaire heiress and cybernetics expert assigned to the special forces squadron Episode 1
Tuona Foundling Naturally alchemical Arkovan humanoid discovered on Arkova IV Episode 2
Roth of Moon Chirotrani warrior and childhood companion of Tuona Episode 2
Mauta Cat God of the Chirotrani Episode 2
Cialla “Chesed” Dhozra Horan pop star working undercover with the terrorist organization Mendel Race Episode 8
Kolibri Daeva Mendel Race operative and high Mendel shapeshifter Episode 7
ASURA-04 Adam model humanoid wetware android who has expressed an as of yet unexplained attachment to Tesla Soldat Episode 7

Player Races of Accretion Gospel:

Race Description
Human Ubiquitous and adaptable
Mendel Genetically augmented humanoids
Chirotrani Superstitious and primitive batfolk
Horan Gentle three-minded psychics displaced by a great war
Bioreplica Realistic artificial humanoids
Delsidian Lithe and graceful humanoids known for their beauty
Lacryman The minds of an ancient race in ageless bodies
Rovarri Diminutive but wise watcher race
Karas (Native Martian) Hardnosed subterranean humanoids
Odandarhana Noble and powerful children of the deserts

Setting Information

Background Information

Star Systems Scientific
Alchemical Technology Scientific
The Votum Mystery Scientific
Cybernetics Scientific
Lacryman Life Suspension Scientific
Mutations and the Evolution of the Human Race Scientific
Xenomorphic Bestiary- A Guide to the Creatures of the Solar System Scientific
The Preservation of Technological Evolution Act Political
The Galactic Coalition Political
The Mendel Race Controversy Political
Life in Space Cultural
The Great War of Horas Cultural

Game Data

Treasures of the Universe A list of the special equipment and treasure found or observed over the course of the story
New Feats New feats available to players
Scheinwelt Challenges A series of side quests and optional battles meant to test the skill of the players


Vignette Featuring…
Vignette 1: Monsters for Trains Arro Ceid

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