• Native Planet: Unknown
  • Creature Type: Aberration
  • Information: A type of transdimensional scavenger that has acquired a taste for the mineral orexisite (more commonly referred to as “lure”). The lurelicker is known to move blindly through subspaces until it reaches a place concentrated with lure, at which point it materializes and begins to extract energy from the mineral by salivating upon it.

The lurelicker’s saliva contains chemical compounds that contain trace amounts of pure gold, which causes a chemical reaction within the orexisite and begins the process of synthesis. It is yet unknown if the licker can somehow command the process in order to flood its bloodstream with the necessary nutrients for survival, or if it somehow derives sustenance from a byproduct of the process itself. It is a daunting task to investigate this curious happening, because the lickers prove to be nearly impossible to contain in a sterile environment.

Lickers are incredibly dangerous for a variety of reasons- aside from their feral and vicious natures, they also can cause damages to a contained station or spacefaring vessel that can rival that of the most finely tuned AA-disruptor cannon. Although rarely documented in largely populated areas, it is not at all out of the ordinary for a distant satellite colony or orbital station to be completely left powerless after being sniffed out by a hungry licker.

Furthermore, scientists are looking into claims that the presence of lickers has a severe psychological effect on members of the Lacryman race, who for all their strengths and immunities are oddly susceptible to dimensional disruptions.

While exploring the ruins of the Central Bay on Votum II, Tuona, Tesla, and Janet encountered dozens of lickers swarming around the former power centers of the city. Too dangerous to take on single-handedly, Tesla discovered that the Votumites had discovered an orexisite alloy that could be used to disrupt the center of a licker’s brain that commands their ability to maintain materialization, allowing the beasts to be driven away, if not exterminated entirely. Use of this alloy was documented by Tesla, but the information was taken into custody by the Coalition military upon her arrest.


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