• Native Planet: Votum II (speculated), Maya III
  • Creature Type: Outsider (Augmented Abberation)
  • Information: A type of avatar form taken by the supporters of the Silver Beast. Allegedly, these beings are extraterrestrial in origin, but transfer their psionic essence into a humanoid body with alchemical powers for the purposes of guiding and influencing indigenous life. This type can change shape, and uses this ability to clandestinely infiltrate humanoid cultures in order to operate as a sort of “secret police” for the Silver Beast. They lie in wait, watching events as they unfold, only to emerge as a being of beauty and fire in order to dispense death and judgment on behalf of their commander. Its natural form is that of a fit and feral looking humanoid with pale skin and red hair, with wings of red and black that emit a incandescent light.

An appearance altering being of extraterrestrial origin, the “Fury”, named such for its similarities to the creature of Earthly legend, serves as a watchful eye for the Silver Beast.

Although they have powerful alchemical abilities, they are also potent in physical combat- however, their mere appearance is usually enough to quell the offenses of those they would confront, as they have the ability to inspire fear in those that look upon them. They do this by emitting a potent alchemical element that triggers the fear response in all living beings by transforming ambient particles in the air into the appropriate pheromones needed to intimidate whatever species they encounter.

Like the other types of avatar bodies, the Fury cannot breed with other humanoid beings, although they are not above having sexual relations with lower beings. They do, however, often hold other fleshly desires in low regard, often abstaining from eating, drinking, and sleeping.

The team has encountered one Fury, guised as a woman named Daphnala, who was cited in local lore. She and the Succubus-type Lora attempted to ambush the team, assume their appearances, and escape with the others into primary space, presumably with the intentions of returning to Votum II.


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