• Native Planet: Arkova IV
  • Creature Type: Animal
  • Information: A large, ursine life form with a soft coat of fur that can vary in hues from sienna to moss green. Female forrse grow to the rough size of an adult female bear, but males can grow to be as much as three times that size. Despite their ferocious appearance, these omnivorous beasts are quite accepting of other life forms, and make prime candidates for domestication.

The forrses of Arkova IV have much in common with the bears of Earth. They share a very common genetic bond- so much, in fact, that they could theoretically be capable of hybrid speciation.

Omnivorous and imposing, they live in solitude except for when mating. Once mated, a pair will continue to mate for life, tracking each other through a highly sensitive olfactory organ that can detect specific pheromone signatures.

The females typically raise their cubs to a year of age before turning them out into the wild to fend for themselves. Males never care directly for their offspring, and will kill them if their territory is violated.

In Chirotrani mythology, the forrse is the herald of the Woman Who Sits in the Trees.


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