Tuona Foundling

  • Name: Tuona Foundling
  • Race: Human (Arkovan)
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 18
  • Height: 6’1”
  • Weight: 135 lbs.
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Brown
  • Allegiances: Natural Order
  • Player: Jukar

Class Combination: Dedicated Hero 3/Shaman 7

Base Stats: (as unaffected by equipment)

  • Strength: 16
  • Dexterity: 14
  • Constitution: 16
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Wisdom: 20
  • Charisma: 14

Feats: Simple Weapon Proficiency, Archaic Weapon Proficiency, Track, Combat Reflexes, Heroic Surge, Iron Will, Dedicated Plus, Guide, Spellslinger, Dodge, Spontaneous Healer

Favored Skills: Concentration, Sense Motive, Handle Animal, Knowledge (Theology), Spellcraft, Survival

Spells/Powers/Maneuvers Known: As the Druid and Shaman spell lists.


Tuona was born to two unknown humans who entered the Valley of the Chirotrani over 20 years ago. It is unknown who were parents were, or why they entered the Chirotrani’s territory. All that is known is that they were killed by creatures of the forest, and the infant Tuona was left for dead. Fortunately, Tuona was discovered by two members of the Moon Mirror tribe, who were out scouting when they uncovered the crying infant.

Tuona was taken back to the village of the Moon Mirror, and was raised by the community as one of their own. She was given the name Tuona, which roughly translated to “human” in the Chirotrani tongue. She was also given the surname Foundling, for obvious reasons. Despite her unceremoniously literal name, Tuona was welcomed openly to the community, and got along well with everyone in the village. She became close friends with the mischievous youth named Roth, a Chirotrani child who was born shortly before Tuona was discovered. The two of them had a happy childhood of peace and misadventure.

Upon reaching adulthood, Tuona was left with few options in terms of her future. According to village tradition, an unmarried girl can only remain in society if she becomes one of the tribal shaman, forgoing marriage for a bond with the forest itself. As a human, Tuona could not possibly marry one of the village youths, so she instead underwent training to become a shaman.

She spent a year in the harshness of the forest, living off land. She was not permitted to use any tools whatsoever, and she was denied any contact to anyone living in the village for this time. During this ordeal, she grew to become connected to the ways of nature, and a year later, she returned to the village with a new mystical understanding. Some time ago, Tuona gained the companionship of a large she-forrse named Orsa.

Although she is a wise girl, Tuona is very much a tomboy, and doesn’t care for the finer things in life. While other girls learned to grind flowers and berries into colorful dyes for making decorative robes and sashes, Tuona often joined the boys while they hunted. However, she can’t be described as masculine, either. Her own behaviors are fairly blended and balanced in regard to gender roles, something typically expected of a shaman of the Chirotrani. Also, as is typical of someone raised amongst the Chirotrani, Tuona is initially distrustful of technology, but she does not display the innate uneasiness around such things as her tribesmen often do.

Upon discovering the existence of worlds outside her own, Tuona is filled with a longing to depart the world she has bonded herself to in order to find her true home- or perhaps it is better to say that she finds herself possessing a long latent wanderlust awakened by the loss of her ignorance.

While within the reaches of space, she originally believed her powers would fade, but she was quick to find that the rhythm of the natural world could be found anywhere in creation- from the quiet swaying of the forest branches to the blazing light of the stars. She has begun to improvise ways to influence even the most alien environments by finding common, natural elements in all things, and as such has proven to be a powerful individual wherever she should find herself.

Recently, she has decided to dispel her ignorance to the ways of the worlds she sets out to travel by becoming educated. She has begun taking classes and learning the histories, sciences, and languages of the Coalition. She is being chiefly instructed by Rachael Finn, but has also been receiving education from Tesla Soldat, with whom she has begun to forge a friendship more typically found among girls their age.


Tuona is one of the few individuals in the known galaxy capable of healing severe wounds in a timely fashion. She also has the unique skills to remedy many poisons and maladies, and as such, she realizes her ultimate place is in a supportive role. She cannot risk to allow herself to be killed or incapacitated, or else her companions will suffer because of it.

Because of this, Tuona tends to stay out of the range of melee combat, healing allies when necessary and countering the ambitions of enemy alchemists when able to do so. As her familiarity with alchemy is limited to the holistic magics practiced by the Chirotrani, she is not a very skilled counterspeller, but she can take out a dangerous incoming spell in a pinch.

Tuona typically begins combat by erecting a Wind Wall or supporting her allies with Enhance Ability. Once they are sufficiently safe, she makes use of Entangling Vines and Spike Stones to impede combat, and picks off stragglers with Call Lightning.

She generally reserves a single Flaming Wrath to unleash on any foes that would try to band together too closely, but otherwise she uses her spells sparingly, as not to cut into her ability to heal when needed. If confronted with danger, she can wield her axe to defend herself, and she typically commands Orsa to stay between her and the foes so that the mighty forrse can tear into the opposition with its terrible claws and bite attacks.

Due to the confrontations with the Sisterhood, she has learned to keep a few castings of Resist Energy prepared, and will usually apply one of these to herself and to the ally she deems to be at the greatest risk if an enemy would betray that it can make use of energy attacks.

Tuona Foundling

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