A mysterious black mineral once believed to be indigenous only to Macada II and its moons. However, it has been discovered recently that this mineral can be located on other planets, such as Arkova IV. Lure is typically jet black in color, but iron impurities within the mineral can cause it to take on a reddish hue. In some rare cases, white lure has been discovered. This lure is a bit of a mystery, and it is unknown what qualities separate white lure from the typical lure.

Orexisite, or “lure” as it is called colloquially, is an alchemical material with amazing properties. Traditional alchemy uses materials such as mercury, silver, lead, pure water, or gold to create alchemical reactions that allow the matter of the material to be converted into any number of other materials.

This process is notably expensive and does not actually create a solution to the current resource crisis in the galaxy, because the use of alchemy is an equivalent exchange. However, the discovery of orexisite has change this significantly.

Orexisite can be used in alchemy to create a far greater amount of transmuted matter than it has base matter- in other words, when used alchemically, lure can create more resources with less material. While a single pound of gold can only create another pound of a compatible material, orexisite can create up to ten times that amount, making it a much more efficient material for alchemy. Furthermore, while traditional alchemy is a process that requires specific materials for specific transmutations, orexisite is something of an alchemical wild card, capable of being transmuted into just about any material imaginable.

Because of this, orexisite is the most in demand resource in the galaxy. Detractors of alchemical technology point out that orexisite does not provide a true solution to the resource crisis, only a temporary one. They state that while orexisite allows for an elevated rate of production, it is still a limited resource- and once that resource runs dry, the crisis will still remain.

In addition to alchemical purposes, orexisite has been noted to have other uses. On Arkova IV, it is used by indigenous individuals gifted with alchemical talents to aid in the use of their craft. It is believed that the presence of the lure on Arkova IV is part of the reason why the planet has not become like Maya III.

Furthermore, lure was put to many unexplained uses on Votum. The most unusual has been the use of white lure to quell interdimensional parasites. Currently, Tesla Soldat is in possession of a perfectly cut piece of white lure she located on Votum. Although she had intended to merely sell the oddity, she now keeps it on-hand at all times after it created a mysterious reaction when coming in contact with Major Jack Jennison when he had attempted to kidnap her. It is unknown what the reaction was, and what caused it.


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