Macada System

Macada Star System

A star system roughly 100 light years from the Solar system, composed of eight planets and over sixty planetoids surrounding a yellow dwarf star roughly the size of Sol. Of Macada’s orbital bodies, only Macada II is capable of sustaining life, although several of its moons and several asteroid clusters throughout the system are capable of supporting independent colonies through the use of alchemical technology and terraforming.

Primary Planets:

Macada II: A large, Earth-like planet with large, turbulent seas rocked with perpetual volcanic activity. Because of this phenomenon, Macada II experiences very severe weather, and indigenous lifeforms have evolved to survive even the most intolerable conditions. When Macada II was discovered in 32 PF, it proved too difficult for the average human settlement to prosper on Macada II, and even highly fortified colonies suffered heavy casualties. This is part led to the creation of Mendels, who were responsible for terraforming the planet to allow for colonization. Macada II was primarily terraformed to help those living on it better adapt to the severe weather. This was accomplished by raising several seaboards and by creating numerous mountain ranges along coastal areas to better protect landlocked colonies from tidal disasters, and by altering the atmospheric conditions to lessen the impact of potent storm systems.

Macada and its moons are the only planetary bodies in the Milky Way that are believed to have significant veins of orexisite that could also be considered suitable for mining. As such, there has been a long history of controversy surrounding the planet.

Other bodies:

Macada II has two moons, Celdine and Toros. Both planets feature large veins of orexisite, and have large colonies. While Celdine is a fairly prosperous colony, Toros is highly industrialized but polluted, and as such, only the poorest of colonists and the lowest echelons of Mendel society are forced to inhabit it.

Toros is the birthplace of Lt. Arro Ceid

Macada System

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