Not a true race, but rather a term applied to a type of life form hailing from the Lacryma system. With artificial bodies created from psionically collected particles, they know no neither parentage or old age. Because of this, they commonly find themselves in misunderstandings with other races.

  • Creature Type: Aberration (Psionic)
  • Homeworlds: Lacryma IV
  • Also Found on: Various settlements through the galaxy.
  • Mechanical Identity: The Lacrymans are mechanically identical to the Elan race from the Expanded Psionic Handbook.

It is said by those in Lacryma that many thousands of years ago, the Lacryman people, one of many great races to inhabit the planet of Lacryma IV, were lost to a great plague. As their once grand civilization lay in ruin, the few surviving Lacrymans did what they felt was the only option they had to avoid extinction- they abandoned their bodies and transferred their minds into new bodies crafted from psionic energy and highly durable matrices of molecules. The typical Lacryman appears as a tall, regal humanoid with pale violent skin and hair that runs from shades of coal gray to white. It is rumored that this appearance is in homage to the original race that spawned the Lacryman people.

Within time, many of the Lacryman survivors found themselves wracked with despair. They could not die, as their new forms were able to subsist on little more than their own energies for as long as they remained intact, and they could not sire children. They could only exist, languishing within their dead cities and cast out as monsters by the other races.

They longed for both death and life, and were denied both, and they wept. It is for this reason that the planet was dubbed Lacryma by those from Earth. As the decades passed, many of the survivors began to slay themselves, causing their minds to quiet and the materials used to form their bodies to disperse into the wind. Ultimately, only twelve Lacryman survivors remained- but they adamantly clung to their lives.

Soon, they developed techniques that would allow them to transfer the minds of others into similarly crafted bodies. They could create others like themselves, and while they may not bear the same upbringing as they did, they would soon discard the definitions of flesh and blood for a new definition. Over the years, the Lacryman survivors infiltrated the cultures of other races, and began to tempt those hungry for power and immortality. Those with promise and ambition were brought back to the old Lacryman cities, where they were converted. Their old forms died, and their minds and souls were transposed into ageless vessels. After some time, the numbers of Lacrymans had grown considerably, and the original Lacryman survivors- now called The Last- began to form machinations to subvert the other races.

In a series of bloody wars, the other races of Lacryma IV were ritually slain- the weak were culled, and the strong were given the choice between death and immortality as one of the new breed of Lacrymans. Within several centuries, the Lacryman tribe had become so prolific that no other races remained. The culture of the new race was a blending of all the component races, tempered by the common elements shared by all.

A new and glorious empire was formed, but within time, the familiar scent of despair began to waft on the air. With no remaining outsiders to convert, the Lacrymans had reached a brick wall in the creation of their new race. In order to expand their numbers, they turned to space, and began to clear the nearby planets of life. Within another century, all life within the Lacryman system had been converted to the new race, and as such the Lacryman’s used their combined resources to look outside their star system.

They cultivated a “farm” of prospective inductees within the Delsidia system, but before they could put their plans into action, they were contested by a triple alliance of Delsidia, Earth, and Martian forces.

In modern times, Lacryma has abandoned its reproductive conquests in lieu of other interests. Turmoil within the Lacryman social structures led to a ban being placed on the conversion of new Lacrymans. In the past, a Lacryman was created whenever the opportunity arose, but now there are many seeking immortality without understanding what it entails. As such, the more peaceful Lacrymans of modern society now only create Lacrymans in response to large numbers of Lacrymans being destroyed, to replace important Lacryman political figures, and under special circumstances as ordered by The Last.

Lacryman bodies are not true bodies, but rather densely collected bundles of particles held fast by a mass of psionic energy. This energy is produced by a disembodied mind. Without the body to ground the mind, the mind would lose awareness and dissipate into nothingness. Without the mind, the body would crumble into dust. Because of this, any severe wound to the body is a serious event. Lacrymans can heal themselves slowly, but cannot be treated with traditional medical techniques. Psionic healing is likewise limited, so once a body becomes damaged badly enough, it is likely that the individual will lose awareness and become lifeless.

Research is being initiated to create a better process by which to create the bodies, particularly in regards to The Last, who are beginning to show some wear after all the centuries they have been alive.

In a strange phenomenon, Lacrymans cannot travel interdimensionally. For some reason, when Lacryman bodies traverse through subspace, the minds tend to have difficulty remaining attached to the bodies. As such, true death may result. Furthermore, Lacrymans cannot tolerate dimensional disruption well, as it creates an unexplained strain on the mental entities that make up the core of their beings.


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