A gentle race of desert dwellers from the Horas system. The Horan are a highly sensitive race, physically suggestive of humans, but with an innate psionic talent and a threefold mind that allows them to share a deep, cultural bond.

  • Creature Type: Humanoid (Psionic)
  • Homeworlds: Horas IV
  • Also Found on: Arzin (first moon of Horas IV), Fiaza (second moon of Horas IV), various space colonies throughout the galaxy
  • Mechanical Identity: The Hora are mechanically identical to the Synad race from the Complete Psionic, with the exception of their creature type.

A race with an incredible psionic potential, the Hora are native to the deserts of Horas IV, where they form tightly knitted communities even within the largest of their cities.

The Hora have a mind that is far, far more powerful than any other race in the galaxy. However, this mind is compartmentalized into three distinct entities. The common misconception is that the Hora have three separate brains, or have three distinct personalities. This is not true- in fact, to suggest that any individual Hora is possessed of multiple personalities is taken at great offense, and is generally considered to be a racist remark.

The Horan mind is divided as such- an active mind that processes activities and thoughts of the individual, a passive mind that processes subconscious urges and psionic impulses, and an instinctual mind that allows for the creation and maintenance of a network of subtle telepathic bonds.

The first mind, called the Prime, is the mind that is most equivalent to the mind other sentient beings possess. The second mind, called the Seer, grants the Hora a unique awareness of many things that cannot routinely be perceived. It operates as a sort of specialized kinesthetic sense, allowing them to perceive their environment far beyond the senses allowed by their sensory organs. It is said they can even perceive their position in time and space, which is why the Hora as a people are so attuned to supernatural disturbances. It is also the Seer that administrates psionic talents.

The last mind is called the Umbilical Mind. This term is a colloquial one, referring to the fact that this mind is the mind that connects all Hora to each other, and to their pasts. The Umbilical Mind is the most specialized of the three minds, but perhaps the most profound. At birth, the Umbilical Mind connects to the mind of the mother and telepathically absorbs a degree of her experiences into the child. As a result, each Horan mother passes the experiences of her own mother on to her child, causing all of the Hora to share a sort of subtle bond of memory across all generations. This memory is not clearly defined- one can remember it about as well as one can remember a dream or a memory from early childhood. However, it instills in the Hora a deep sense of connection and racial empathy.

As such, the tragedy that occurred during the Great War of Horas is only made more poignant because of this. After Coalition interference in the year 461, many of the Hora began to ignore their Umbilical Mind and form factions- some in favor of accepting Coalition guidance, and others in favor of separating themselves from the alien strangers altogether. What resulted was a grand war across the planet, where psionics and advanced weapons on loan from the Coalition were used in tandem as the Hora turned on themselves for the first time in their recorded history. The end result was much of the main planet being irradiated so severely it could not support life.

But perhaps even more tragically was the fact that due to the great pain and suffering the war caused, the first generation of Hora to be born after the great tragedy were born with an Umbilical Mind clouded so greatly by memories of sorrow and hate that they were unable to form a connection to the race. This is referred to as The Second Death of Horas by the Hora, a poetic appellation for a sentiment that suggested that the ways of the old were lost for the first time.

Over the generations, the ancestral bond has begun to repair itself, and modern Horan infants seem to bond with those of their communities with relative ease. However, since the loss of the Horan homeworld, the Horan community has remained fragmented, scattered across the stars and delegated to a social class in perpetual need of financial and technological assistance at the hands of more advanced races. It was this tragedy that lead to the penning of the PTEA, and it is the guilt shared by all within the galaxy that causes this law is taken so seriously.


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