Episode 1

Episode 1- Mission to Arkova

In the heat of debates over mining rights in the Macada star system, a surveillance shuttle traveling through the undeveloped Arkovan system detected a strong orexisite signature on the fourth planet of the system. The planet had been previously classified as capable of supporting life, but due to the PTEA, it was deemed unfit to colonize. However, an unidentified craft was reported descending into the atmosphere of Arkova IV, causing due concern among the members of the Coalition Council.

A special forces squadron was assembled. The members included a promising young officer in the Coalition Military, a young Mendel man with a knack for covert operations by the name of Arro Ceid, a highly ranked private investigator and freelance soldier by the name of Janet Blackchurch, and the cybernetics and robotics genius, Tesla Soldat, daughter of Council Ambassador Finneas Soldat.

This team was sent to secretly investigate Arkova IV, to find any evidence of orexisite mining or interference from any advanced civilizations that might endanger the natural social evolution of the lifeforms of the planet.

The team was assembled, briefed, and dispatched upon the Coalition ship Maddox. However, while orbiting and surveying the planet’s atmosphere, the Maddox was attacked by a Mendel Race craft, which resulted in the ship being critically damaged and forced the team to abandon the ship. The escape pods entered the atmosphere, and crash landed in a rain forest secluded in a mountainous valley.

Episode 1

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