A race of batlike, winged beings living in the uncivilized areas of Arkova IV. Although they exhibit exceptions to some sociological evolutionary conventions, they appear to be on a level of technological advancement equal to that of the Stone Age of Sol III.

  • Creature Type: Monstrous Humanoid
  • Homeworlds: Arkova IV
  • Also Found on: None
  • Mechanical Identity: Chirotrani are mechanically identical to the Sesheyan race from the d20 Modern Menace Manual and d20 Future handbook. Players selecting a chirotrani character may choose to take a special feat to bypass both the racial disposition towards technology and light sensitivity.

Despite their primitive social structures, the Chirotrani are far from unintelligent. They form elaborate utopian societies and complex religions in which prolific environmental phenomenon are reasonably explained through folklore and parable, and they display a knack for animal husbandry and primitive medicine. However, perhaps due to past exposures, they seem to bear an intense distrust of advanced technology, placing them at odds with the naturally alchemical Arkovans that have come to live on Arkova IV.

The Arkovans do not exhibit binocular vision, but instead detect their surroundings with a combination of heightened hearing and simple eyes. Chirotrani eyes typically appear in sets of eight, and it is between these eyes that they gain the ability to fully observe their surroundings. However, it has been noted that some chirotrani have as few as six eyes, for reasons not yet explained. They also sport a pair of durable but leathery wings, and a skeletal structure composed of a lighter material than the calcium typically found in humanoid skeletons. This allows them to maintain rudimentary flight, although such flight is typically limited to night-time hours, as the chirotrani have been noted to display an intense dislike of bright sunlight.

Chirotrani society is such that they value simplicity and unity with nature. Because of this, chirotrani society has grown relatively little in terms of scientific progress over the past several thousand years. Their religion deifies natural phenomenon and animals, as well as a vague being known as the Great Mother.

Originally, the chirotrani existed in many places on Arkova IV, with large colonies expanding through the vast forests and natural caverns. However, the coming of the humans to Arkova IV changed this, and within several hundreds years, the chirotrani societies were restricted to only a sparse few within unexplored rainforests and deep caverns. The humans’ use of technology frightened the chirotrani deeply, causing certain aspects of human society to become demonized in chirotrani religion- including the use of machinery (called the “devil’s craft”) and oddly enough, the domestication of the lesser felines species. Chirotrani culture associates felines with a figure who lies in antithesis to the Great Mother, a pseudo-Satanic figure oriented towards the undoing of chirotrani tradition.

Outside their few remaining societies, chirotrani are viewed as inferior beings by the Arkovan humans. Many such societies use chirotrani as slaves, putting them to work in orexisite mines where their low light vision and slight frames allow them to be put to great use.

The chirotrani Roth accompanies the naturally alchemical Arkovans Mauta and Tuona, and based on conversations with the subjects he appears to be fairly atypical of his society. Unfortunately, he is the last surviving member of his race due to the failures of Lt. Arro Ceid and the rest of his investigating party.


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