• Name: Cialla “Chesed” Dhozra
  • Race: Horan
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 5’10”
  • Weight: 130 lbs.
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Hair: Blond
  • Background: Dilettante
  • Allegiances: Horan
  • Player: Jukar

Class Combination: Charismatic Hero 3/Personality 2/Telepath 5

Base Stats (as unaffected by equipment):

  • Strength: 11
  • Dexterity: 19
  • Constitution: 14
  • Intelligence: 14
  • Wisdom: 12
  • Charisma: 20

Feats: Simple Weapon Proficiency, Personal Firearm Proficiency, Renown, Creative, Charismatic Plus, Charismatic Plus, Heroic Surge

Favored Skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Perform (sing), Perform (psi-sing), Profession, Knowledge (Current Events), Psicraft, Read/Write Language

Spells/Powers/Maneuvers Known: Mindlink, Empathy, Vigor, Psionic Charm, Inertial Armor, Crystal Shard, Brain Lock, Ego Whip, Cloud Mind, Control Sound, Telekinetic Thrust


Born to destitute Hora survivors living on the second moon of Horas, Cialla was orphaned at the age of 6 months when his parents were killed by radiation sickness when the shelter they had been residing in lost shielding due to a freak storm. Cialla spent some time in an orphanage before being adopted by the billionaire actress and athlete couple of Glare and Othello Dhozra of Earth. The celebrity power couple adopted the young Hora boy and raised him in their mansion on Luna, the sole moon of Earth.

Cialla led a fairly sheltered life until adolescence, when he enrolled in the Halcyon Institute of Music, where he majored in performing arts. Young Cialla became a classically trained opera singer, his velvety tenor voice earning him the favor of his mentors and numerous female classmates. After graduating, Cialla left Luna to spend some time on Horas to become closer to his racial heritage. There, he was exposed to the ancient Hora art of psi-singing, a performance style by which the Hora would use psionically attuned crystals to project brainwaves patterns via soundwaves. A skilled psi-singer could use his mind to create lush, surreal sounds like out of a dream. Cialla became very enthusiastic about psi-singing, and from the years of 928 to 931 PF, Cialla studied with only the most accomplished psi-singers to better master the art.

In 932 PF, Cialla returned to Earth in order to try and gain a career in the music industry. Sporting a unique new style, blending classical pop stylings with his ancestral psychic musical talents, Cialla perplexed and enticed record execs at Enigma Records. Taking the stage name “Chesed”, Cialla released his first album, Soma, later that year.

Soma had mixed receptions. His unusual stylings were something that had never been done before, and many people were not quite sure how to take it. However, Soma was considered a success by Enigma, and the performer was signed on to release a second album. His second album, Come Hither, was released a year later. Come Hither was a good deal more traditional than Soma, with notably less psi-singing than before. The Hora communities that had embraced Cialla were outraged, claiming he had exploited his heritage to become famous, whereas the mainstream audience took a shining to his silky vocals and powerful stage presence.

Cialla struggled with Enigma for the next year. The young Hora wanted more creative control over his works, but Enigma wanted to play it safe and avoid doing anything too unusual. The young performer had developed a strong following on Earth and Mars, with millions of adoring fans between the ages of 12 and 24. They wanted Cialla to retain a more bubblegum image in order to keep that demographic appeased, but after some heated litigation between Cialla and Enigma, the record company finally relented, signing over full creative control to Cialla for his next album.

Cialla’s first independantly developed album was a smashing success. Flight of the Valkyrie hit the store shelves in February 934. It blended a wide variety of styles, from modern pop to traditional Hora psi-song, to elements of 19th century Earth music. Flight sold more copies than any other album produced by Enigma, topping the 2 trillion copy legendary sales made by epic performer Koenig in the 910’s. Chesed was the next big name in music, and he was scheduled to produce another album and plans were made to book 2 consecutive intergalactic tours.

Cialla used his fame and fortune to promote the rebuilding of the Horas system, and become an intergalatic role model to his people. In early 935, he released his next album, Hark, which has so far been met with the same sort of reception as his last blockbuster album.

Currently, Cialla is touring the galaxy on his Hark tour, along with the Earthling girl band Debois, and the Delsidian pop virtuoso, Aa. There is also a rumor abound that he will be touring along with media personality Rumiko Heiji, but this has not been officially confirmed by Chesed’s camp.


Despite all his fans, there are those that claim that Cialla’s climb to fame was aided by various factors. Many are quick to point a finger at his famous parentage, but there are those that state that Cialla may have some degree of power over probability, as many of his Halcyon classmates have made statements to the effect that he is blessed with some sort of supernatural good fortune.

Certainly, the likelihood of such a small child surviving unscathed in such intense radiation, while his parents did not sounds suspiciously fortuitous, as does his adoption by such renowned celebrities. However, as there are no ways to test for such phenomenon in this day and age, little can be said on the matter.

Cialla’s representatives deny that the performer has ever exhibited any such powers, and claim that the only things to which he owes his success are hard work, excellent teachers, and an innovative mind- or rather, in his case, 3 innovative minds.


  • Soma (Enigma Records, 932)
  • Come Hither (Enigma Records, 933)
  • Flight of the Valkyrie (Enigma Records, 934)
  • Hark (Enigma Records, 935)


  • Cialla states that if he were not so drawn to the world of music, he would have liked to have worked for the Galactic Coalition as an ambassador to Horas.
  • Cialla’s favorite food is orgas-rubies in Delsidian honey.
  • Cialla has been known not only to be very friendly towards his fans, but on many occasions he has been known to take autograph seekers out for a drink at a verba-bar in his freetime.


In battle, Chesed is poorly suited for front line combat. He greatly dislikes battle, preferring instead to provide support to his comrades through use of his social skills and financial resources. However, should he be caught in the gridlock, he tends to play it defensively, trying to keep out of harm’s way and avoid becoming a burden for his more capable allies.

Typically, he will begin battle with a maximumly augmented Vigor. If there is only one foe, he will attempt to mask himself via Cloud Mind, or dissuade the foe with Psionic Charm. If there are too many opponents or either of these tactics fail, he tends to take cover behind terrain elements or flee.

If his opponents need his aid, he comes to the rescue in the form of Brain Lock. He uses this to stop psionic foes, particularly Lacryman and Rovarri opponents who are known for their innate psionics. He also will whittle away at the foe with Ego Whip and Crystal Shard, but only if doing so would not compromise his safety greatly or if such an action is undoubtedly able to benefit his allies.

While some may construe his behavior as cowardly, Chesed is actually quite fearless, but very calculating. He is fully aware he can do no good for his companions if he is badly harmed, and realizes if an enemy should target him specifically, they could use his status and general lack of combat skill to their advantage and force his friends into a position of disadvantage.


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