Arro Ceid

  • Name: Arro Ceid
  • Race: Mendel
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 27
  • Height: 5’9”
  • Weight: 220 lbs.
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Black
  • Background: Military
  • Allegiances: The Galactic Coalition (wavering)
  • Player: Jukar

Class Combination: Strong Hero 3/Fast Hero 1/Helix Warrior 3/Blade Artist 3

Base Stats (as unaffected by equipment):

  • Strength: 22
  • Dexterity: 14
  • Constitution: 16
  • Intelligence: 16
  • Wisdom: 12
  • Charisma: 10

Feats: Simple Weapon Proficiency, Personal Firearm Proficiency, Endurance, Planetary Adaptation (High Gravity), Fast Plus, Armor Proficiency (Light), Armor Proficiency (Medium), Heroic Surge, Weapon Focus (High Frequency Sword)

Favored Skills: Knowledge (Tactics), Jump, Swim, Balance, Climb, Spot, Survival, Profession, Martial Lore

Spells/Powers/Maneuvers Known: Steely Strike, Sudden Leap, Leading the Attack, Stone Bones, Claw at the Moon, Punishing Stance


Arro was born on the second moon of Macada, to two naturally occuring Mendel parents. The environment he grew up in was not a pleasant one- an economically destitute slum caught in the perpetual shadow of the main planet’s prosperity and the perils not uncommon to a high gravity world. Arro’s mother worked odd jobs around the city, and his father worked as a lure miner on Macada II, only returning home for a few months out of the galactic year.

Arro grew up humble but strong because of this, and at the age of 18, he enlisted in the Coalition military with hopes of leaving behind the bleakness of his old life. Arro’s hardship-tempered work ethic and serious demeanor allowed him to excel in the military environment, and he began to climb the ranks. At the age of 24, he was promoted to Lieutenant.

As a Mendel, Arro has a variety of mutations that are readily apparent. The first and foremost mutation is a result of his birth on a high gravity planet. Arro is blessed with a racially superior strength, but also has a stockier frame than most men of his muscle mass. Although not short, he only reaches 5’9”, making him seem much shorter than most men of his equivalent strength. Arro is a little self-conscious of his height, to be frank, and often tries (unsuccessfully) to counterbalance it by wearing heavy boots with thick soles, or by constantly standing as straight as he can to create the illusion of height.

His more prominent mutations are his ability to create the hormone adrenaline at will, and a small deformity in his left knee. Over the years, Arro trained to overcome the handicap provided by his knee, however, and at this point it is nearly impossible to detect that he ever had such an impediment.

Unlike most Mendels, Arro is fairly neutral towards the idea of elective mutation and bears few if any hostilities towards House Axolotl. Shortly after becoming lieutenant, Arro underwent gene therapy to enhance his own mutations further. At this point, the results of this treatment have remained fairly latent. The first changes to become prominent were notable alterations to his natural strength and innate durability, as well as an improvement on his Mendel’s low light vision. Arro has also elected to have a cybernetic suit of subdermal armor installed in himself. The armor grants him a flexible and ever-present protection without the hassle of bulky equipment.

For a Mendel to associate with House Axolotl is always a bit of a social taboo in Mendel society- but for a Mendel to undergo deliberate augmentation at the hands of the Axolotl is absolutely unheard of. Although hardly a high profile individual, when word of Arro’s gene therapy reached his family, it created a large amount of controversy in Arro’s life. Although his mother and sister have started to accept his decision, Arro’s father has remained out of contact with him since he first received the news. However, without this augmentation, he would most likely have never become the operative he is today.

Additionally, during his time on Arkova IV, Arro has received a more intensive variety of training with his swordsmanship, allowing him to begin crafting a unique fighting style that taps into his own innate ability to control the production of adrenaline in his system and his enhanced athletic skill. Fusing his military tactical skills, catlike agility, and his unique metabolism into a fluid dance of swordplay and swashbuckling, he has become a very skilled swordsman in a relatively short period of time.

Arro has an unusual relationship with his commanding officer, Major Ressa Armandag. Although to hear the Major tell it, the two are close friends, but Arro denies all such statements whenever possible. Despite this, the two of them are often seen together off-duty, and it has been noted that Ressa has expressed a noted interest in Arro’s career.

Upon the incident on Arkova IV, Arro was separated from his companions after being intercepted by the Coalition task force. He was charged with violating the PTEA and given the bulk of the blame for the accident that caused the disappearance of Arkova IV. Arro was imprisoned on the 79th level of the Arzin Intergalactic Detention Center, where he was tortured by his old Academy bunkmate Jack Jennison. Arro was scheduled for execution, but he was saved at the last moment by a team headed by Kolibri Daeva of Mendel Race, along with Roth and ASURA-04. Since then, he has been in the custody of Mendel Race, which has caused him a great amount of personal strife in regards to his views on his place in society and the authority of the Coalition in general.

He is also experiencing some doubts in regards to his relationship with Ressa Armandag after the assault on Delmont City. During the dream blurring of Kolibri and himself, he has started to reconsider his stance with his superior officer, as well as towards several other things in his life he previously found to be unquestionable.


In battle, Arro tends to take the most aggressive strategy available to him, believing that the best defense is a good offense. His first action is typically to analyze the situation and identify the most crucial unit- typically searching for any psionicists or users of alchemy. After his evaluation, he hesitates no longer, and goes after the foe with little reserve, adopting the Punishing Stance in order to better maximize his output.

He typically begins an assault chain by using Leading the Attack, which serves to better aid his companions and to help them identify the most relevant threat or crucial foe that stands before them. After this takes place, he typically sticks close to the foe and unleashes full attack actions whenever possible.

Should the foe be particularly mobile, he will make use of Sudden Leap and Claw at the Moon to negate their advantages if possible.

If the foes prove to be more dangerous than initially assessed, he will make use of his Stone Bones maneuver to lessen the damage he takes in order to continue his assault without fear of becoming wounded. He will also make use of this ability against any foe who has professed or exhibited any sort of melee skill.

In addition to these strategies, he may also make use of his mutations to even further enhance his physical form. A properly timed burst of adrenaline helps him hit harder and make better use of his high Strength score, two handed weapons, and Strong Hero talents.

Arro does show some difficulty dealing with long ranged combat. Because of this, he will often attempt to take out anyone wielding a ranged weapon with the same priority he would assign to a psionicist or alchemist, but only if any present supernatural opponents are posing no immediate dangers.

Arro Ceid

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