alchemical technology

Alchemical Technology

Alchemical Technology is the term that refers to the use of alchemical principles first pioneered by the human Leonardo Da Vinci, who lived on Earth during the turn of the 15th century AD.

Alchemical technology functions by using a material that is defined as being alchemically pure to create subatomic particles that can be converted into any type of molecular structure through use of a system capable of processing lines of codes known as alchemical algebra.

Alchemical algebra operates on the principle that all things within the galaxy can be represented both alphanumerically and molecularly. Furthermore, each molecular identity has a correlating algebraic identity, and by altering the formula used to represent one subject, one can convert it into an entirely different subject.

Alchemical technology uses pure gold, pure mercury, or pure silver to create a series of basic elemental particles that can then be formatted and altered on an atomic level by a process called articulated fission. The energy created by this process enables a alchemical converter to change the alchemical algebra assigned to the base material, thus causing a complete conversion of the material into a elementally different substance.

It is through this process that these materials are converted into a wide variety of resources, from base metals to vital minerals. Without alchemical technology, the denizens of the Milky Way would be unable to live comfortably, if they would be able to survive at all.

In recent years, a new standard of alchemical technology has been pioneered. While use of gold, mercury, and silver was initially very cost effective, it ultimately created as many problems as it solved. As these metals became exceedingly rare, the costs of alchemically created resources skyrocketed. However, with the discovery of the alchemically pure mineral orexisite, things have changed.

While orexisite is no more common than gold or silver, it has a unique property. When subjected to articulated fission, orexisite molecules begin to expand and grow, causing the base material to become more dense and plentiful as it is broken down. Thus, a gram of alchemical orexisite can net the same results as much as 10 grams of alchemical gold. The net result is that a alchemical converter using orexisite can create as much raw material using a tenth the amount of base material as a converter using alchemical gold. Furthermore, orexisite can be used to create further alchemical materials, which has caused a surplus of gold and silver to exist in the galaxy for the first time in history.

alchemical technology

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