Scheinwelt program

Scheinwelt Program

A type of simulation program designed to be run on a Scheinwelt Emulator. Scheinwelt Programs use specific sets of guidelines on identity scaling and often feature elaborate and expansive sets of fictional personalities, called entities, with which the user can interact.

While basic applications of the Emulator just allow for realistic interaction across all boundaries, programs allow individuals to live as other beings, both fictional and real. They typically take place in much larger environments that are linked together to simulate a realistic world, and entities and other users are often indistinguishable.

Popular Scheinwelt programs include Three Towers, a world of epic adventure with a traditional fantasy setting, Demon’s Ideology, a world of mythological beings focused on politics and moral dilemma, and Wasted City, a period program situated in 20th Century Earth.

Scheinwelt program

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