Several thousand years after man managed to colonize life on other planets, a severe resource crisis has caused a great tension to build between the members of the Galactic Coalition. Use of alchemical technology has allowed civilization to not only maintain itself, but advance much farther than ever imagined in terms of creating habitable environments, but as a result it has caused much of the galaxy’s supplies of vital elements to be consumed.

However, with the discovery of the mysterious mineral orexisite, street named “Lure”, on the second planet of the Macada system, it seems hope has been rediscovered. This uncanny substance, when used in conjunction with modern alchemical conversion technology, has the potential to not only solve the galactic resource dilemma, but to outmode the use of all previously used elements altogether. Naturally, the rights to mine and distribute this miracle ore has become a heated debate among the various people of the Milky Way…

The Accretion Gospel

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