Silver Dragon

The Silver Dragon

A principle figure in the belief system of the Sisterhood of Arkova IV. It is believed that humans were not born on Arkova IV, but delivered there at the hand of a great beast called the Silver Dragon, who could move through the stars.

It is also said that before departing, this beast bestowed his powers upon several beasts of the world, and imparted with them the wisdom to select a few men and women to teach his ways. It is said that Arkovan sorcery has its origins in this belief, although it is more likely that such a talent is due to a prominent genetic mutation brought about by exposure to lure over the years.

The Silver Dragon is not a dragon in the traditional sense of the word. When the term was first encountered on Arkova, Janet Blackchurch verified that the translator devices had expressed difficulty translating the term. In all likelihood, dragon is the closest comparison, but translation software states that there is only a 37% relevance between the Earthly term “dragon” and the term used to describe these beasts of power.

Prior to the incident on Arkova IV, Councilman Arada Hesse of Lacryma was able to deceive the Sisterhood into believing that his flagship was, in fact, the Silver Dragon. It was this ruse that allowed him to manipulate the Sisterhood into harvesting orexisite for him, which was necessary for him to be able to acquire large sums of the mineral without technically violating PTEA guidelines.

Silver Dragon

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