A large, pristine city situated on the borders of the Sorcery Wastes and the eastern oceans on Maya III. It is the home of the Order of Alma Nostra, and has been since the time of Scorn and Dread. It is surrounded by the Twin Rivers that lead into the eastern oceans, and is kept in a constant temperate climate despite the adjacency of the Wastes through use of psionic climate control devices.

It is an enlightened city with some of the most refined cultural aspects of all of Maya. Much of the city is far beyond the level of technology exhibited by the rest of Maya, as the city’s development was furthered along extensively by the use of advanced psionics.

Rebus has roughly 2,000,000 inhabitants and is a fairly orderly city, befitting one ruled by a transcendental religious group. It has many laws regulating the use of psionics and alchemy.

Rebus was the central setting for the campaign Chronicles of Aerie, DMed by Mamelon.


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