Areas of corrupted earth said to be created by the abuse of sorcery. These areas are marked by silvery sand and have an aura of stifling doom about them.

Anything within an area of Dreadtouch loses all supernatural functions- alchemy, psionics, even mutations do not function within the silvery silence of the Dreadtouch.

Furthermore, it is said that no life can exist for long within such a place, and resources such as water and orexisite slowly disintegrate and become silvery sand the longer they remain in the field.

It has been speculated by the off-worlders that the Dreadtouch is a place of alchemical fallout, where the use of unchecked alchemy has caused the very fabric of space to become blank- all of its algebraic properties being erased and replaced with nonsense integers that prevent any sort of alchemy or higher functionality to occur within the confines of the phenomenon.


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