A great extraterrestrial being that served as an advocate of the Silver Beast in the early days of Maya.

Dread once saw that the land remained safe from maligned beings, but once the Silver Beast disappeared, his once protective nature became vindictive and twisted. This is how he earned the name of Dread.

Dread was said to lurk in the darkness, where he would fill men with the desire for malice and power. Then, he revealed to them the talent of sorcery, and tempted them to abuse this craft. However, the Alma Nostra were quick to decry the evils of sorcery, and since have caused society to abandon the powers of sorcery in lieu of more transcendental psionic practices.

It is said that Dread may still live in secret on Maya, kept in power by cabals of sorcerers who wish to shift the balance of power on the planet.

It is unknown what manner of creature Dread really was, but it is certain he was a being of power similar to the Beast. Furthermore, his knowledge of alchemy suggests access to a world of advanced civilization, far beyond that of the modern Coalition.


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