Vasin Temperas

The Sister of Water


A curvy, vivacious blond woman with curly hair dressed in expensive looking hairpins and combs. She has a round, youthful face and has pale skin. She wears cosmetics, and always seems to smile even in the worst situations.


The Sister of Water, who is called such because of her association with the Dragon of Water, a gargantuan devil said to sleep beneath the waves within a sunken castle off the coast of the kingdom of Larcald.

Vasin is a vain and fickle woman, who is known to be somewhat unreliable. She is a skilled practitioner of travel magicks, allowing her to be at any place in the world at any given time. Because of this, she is feared as a spy of the Sisterhood, despite the fact most of her ventures into the world are born from boredom rather than malicious intent.

Although she has been known to be merciful and benevolent, she has also been known to exact cruel revenge on those that would threaten her authority. Her typical revenge schemes involve no magic at all, but rather elaborate plots and intrigues designed to doom the reputations of those that would speak against her. Because of this, she is generally only feared by nobility and the upper echelons of society.

In combat, she primarily uses sorcery to gain an advantage on her opponents. She is fond of misdirectional magics, and has a specific penchant for engaging in duels with other sorcerers. When necessary, she wields the Moon’s Pull, an intricately jeweled staff that can be used as both a quarterstaff and a focus for her magic.

Because of her irresponsible behaviors, Vasin is rarely granted roles of great importance by the rest of the Sisterhood. Many have even gone so far as to say that her only qualification she bears is the blessing awarded her by the Dragon- who has incidentally not been seen in over 80 years. This fact has birthed a popular conspiracy theory among various nations- a theory that suggests that her blessing may be little more than a profoundly realistic illusion.

Vasin’s fate is unclear. After her battle aboard the Larcaldian vessel, she escaped with the wounded Jand and was not seen again. Common sense would dictate that she had taken shelter within the Hush. If this is truly the case, she is most likely dead. If she found shelter elsewhere, there may be an off chance that she survived.

Vasin Temperas

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