Colonel Astag Varda

Military officer, and collaborator in the Arkovan conspiracy


A muscular Lacryman with a dark green mohawk and several scars across his body, which suggests a long history of combat experience. His ears and nose are pierced in a style reminiscent of traditional Martian warriors.


A decorated member of both the Coalition military and The Last’s elite military unit, Tacet.

A gruff individual who was taken into the Lacryman fold nearly 150 years ago when he suffered a war injury. His initial race is unclear, but it is commonly believed that due to his tough demeanor and notable work ethic that he was born human, but was most likely native to Mars.

Varda’s commitment to the Coalition is tenuous at best, as his ultimate loyalty lies within the interests of The Last. He was sent to aid Councilman Hesse on the cultivation of orexisite on Arkova IV, where he served as a liaison between the crew of Hesse’s flagship and the surface world. He was first encountered by the heroes in the castle of the king of Larcald, and then again during the confrontation with the sorceress Moreel Zar in the observatory of the Hush. He was slain during the fight.

Colonel Astag Varda

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