Rumiko "Rumi" Heiji

Perky and unprofessional media personality


A fiesty Asian girl with rose colored hair typically pulled up into elaborate braids or buns. She has red eyes that have been very clearly augmented, and typically wears bright colored and youthful clothing.


The trendy, media-obsessed daughter of Japanese entertainment mogul, Kentaro Heiji. Three years ago, 18 year old Rumiko was given a commentator position on the popular vidcast program Vocal Star. Despite a notable lack of journalistic skill or integrity, Rumiko (or Rumi, as she calls herself) became an overnight celebrity due to her cute appearance and perky charm.

She is now the top reporter for Halcyon Station’s intergalactic broadcast Star Chart, as well as becoming a regular feature on Vocal Star. Rumiko is also working on a musical album in the pop genre, and is rumored to be opening for Chesed at the start of his Hark tour next year.

Rumiko is epically detested by Tesla Soldat, who has broken down into nearly ridiculous rants at the mere mention of the girl’s name.

Rumiko has ingited a series of fashion trends, including the repopularization of brightly colored hair in teenage girls. Within the last decade, genetic modifications for cosmetic purposes had fallen out of favor under social disapproval of the Macadan vanguards, but Rumiko’s trademark rose colored hair and red irises have become a veritable hallmark in teen fashion once again, all thanks to the girl’s fashion trends and general disregard for political trends.

Rumiko "Rumi" Heiji

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