Colonel Ressa Armandag

Telepathic officer of the Coalition military


A red haired woman with gray eyes, standing about 5 foot 6 inches. Although not an intimidating person, she commands a certain presence that suggests great leadership skill.


A member of the Coalition military, and the superior officer to both Arro Ceid and Jack Jennison. Like Arro, she is a Mendel, and while she is not entirely averse to the political notions of Mendel autonomy, her ultimate allegiance lies with the Coalition.

Joining only shortly before Arro, Ressa rose in the ranks very quickly. Her telepathic skill is quite potent and well honed, allowing her to do far more than merely communicate over a distance. Because of her talents, she has spent much time on covert missions.

Ressa was born on Macada II to middle-class Mendel parents. Unlike Arro, she hasn’t personally experienced the hardships at the heart of the original Mendel autonomy movement, but her empathic abilities make her very sensitive to them.

While working with Arro on several different missions, she has developed a special friendship with him, which has begun to develop into love. Despite the policies on fraternization, Ressa does wish to pursue a relationship with Arro, but is frustrated at his resistance to the notion. Additionally, Ressa is becoming more and more concerned about attitudes within the Coalition in light of the Arkova IV incident.

Colonel Ressa Armandag

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