Rachael Finn

Third ranking officer of Mendel Race


A pale, gruff red-headed woman about 30 years of age. Standing merely 5’4”, she manages to maintain a look of adamant severity due to her body, which is almost completely covered in cybernetic implants. At first glance, only her torso and head appear to be actual flesh, although a skilled cyberneticist will be able to identify that she also possesses cybernetic eyes and several cerebral implants as well. Despite her implants, she has an almost beautiful quality to her, like that of a savage hunter or a thunderstorm caught in a bottle.

Rachael was an orphan, born to two Mendel parents who were killed by representatives of House Axolotl under mysterious circumstances. As a child, Rachael was put in the care of members of Kazehara’s staff. Rachael was a high Mendel, with potent mutations, but she also suffered from a unique and debilitating birth defect that severely limited the mobility in her extremities.

Under the care of House Axolotl, genetic engineers began to tinker with her genome, until they mananged to find a way to enhance Rachael’s mutations. Rachael had been born with the ability to interface with computer networks telepathically, but with augmentation she gained the ability to do a wide variety of wondrous things, including but not limited to: the ability to project her psyche into computer networks and exist there as a being composed purely of data, the ability to influence machinery and to alter reality by causing wavelengths of alchemical syntax to waver within her immediate vicinity, and the ability to compose networks of psycho-electronic channels that could potentially be used to build a universal network of computers that would allow all beings to transmit information seamlessly from their minds directly to any computer in the galaxy.

Clearly, the applications of this mutation were more than lucrative, and Kazehara began to attempt to isolate the girl’s unique genetic structure and apply a patent on it, so that he could possibly implant this ability into a sequence of neurally-limited clones in order to create a neural computer network. However, as Rachael’s genes tied to her mutation were changed, so too were the genes tied to her birth defects, causing her to lose both of her legs and an arm to a severe cause of peripheral neuropathy.

Being used as little more than a genetic petri dish, Rachael began to swell with hatred and anger, until ultimately, she could take no more. At 16 years of age, Rachael began to experiment with her abilities until she managed to broadcast her very body across a series of networks and into the waiting arms of Arias Klondstein, the notorious Mendel philosopher responsible for the movement that created the Mendel Race organization.

Klondstein took pity on the child, and had a set of cybernetic legs and arms constructed for her. Over the years, Rachael has grown from a sad and angry girl to a hardened woman. She has since added even more additional cybernetic implants to such a point that she can almost be considered more machine than man. Rachael states, if asked about this decision, that her body feels more natural in a state of hard steel and lightning-quick microprocessors than it does in a shell of helpless flesh.

Despite her forced emancipation, Rachael is still pursued by the House Axolotl, both clandestinely and legally. She has been accused of theft of intellectual property, with the representatives of the geneticists claiming she stole the modifications made to her genetic code without their authority. Additionally, Kazehara has sent numerous mercenaries and assassins after Rachael over the years in an attempt to quiet her, but between her potent skills and powerful allies, she has yet to be captured.

Rachael has no strong relationships outside of Mendel Race, although she has expressed a sort of father-daughter bond with Klondstein. She has been friendly towards Kolibri Daeva, another high Mendel and member of Mendel Race with a similarly advanced mutation. Additionally to these connections, she claims she has a daughter in the form of an entity known as Number 3, a quasi-sentient operating system installed into the main computer of Rachael’s personal vessel, the Disa.

Most recently, Rachael and Kolibri manned a mission to infiltrate the Deep Moon prison in the Rovano system, where they liberated the surviving Arkovan natives who had been isolated in a telepathic nexus through the use of a Rovarri thought sculpter by the name of Raaza Ma-r. Rachael delivered the individuals to safety, and for a time, she and the escapees were holed up in the underground base of Mendel Race beneath Delmont City on Macada II.

However, this changed after Lacryma seceded from the Coalition and declared war on Macada. Rachael was among the four people to confront Col. Jack Jennison during the escape from Delmont City, during which Jack ripped off her right arm. She is now stranded on the mysterious planet within the M-Class anomaly located at the border of the fourth quadrant. Without her arm, she has chosen to remain aboard the Disa while the others calculate the next course of action.

Rachael Finn

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