Grand Marshall Pistis

Grand Marshal of Rebus


A woman with an athletic build. She hides her face behind a scarf, and wears a billowing coat and a wide-brimmed hat to shield her eyes from the sun. She is gruff and has a smoky voice.


The Grand Marshal of Rebus. A serious woman with a penchant for appearing mysteriously, she is known for her skill with marksmanship and her collection of scarves. She is never seen in public without one of her scarves with which she hides her face.

She is primarily in charge of law enforcement in Rebus and the areas surrounding, and can telepathically override orders given to the Doves by the upper echelons of Dove society. She is also the current acting leader of Aerie, a group of specially selected operatives designed to deal with the threat of sorcery in Rebus.

Grand Marshall Pistis

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