Beast companion of Tuona


A large, moss colored animal similar in size and bearing to a grizzly bear from Earth.


Tuona’s animal companion, who she first came into contact with while spending a year living in the forests of the Valley of the Chirotrani. She is a female forrse of at least a few years of age. Whether or not she has had cubs is uncertain, and Tuona has yet to make any sort of statement to this effect.

Generally fairly unflappable and as gruff as one would expect from an animal of her size, she generally ignores everyone but Tuona. She doesn’t care for the highly artificial environments of space, reacting with notable annoyance, but as long as she remains in Tuona’s presence she can maintain a calm demeanor.

After the Arkovans were taken into Coalition custody, Orsa was placed under observation on Arzin. She was released during the Mendel Race raid, and has been in Tuona’s company since that time. What happened to her in the 3 months between Tuona’s incarceration and her rescue is uncertain, but she seems to have suffered no great harm in this time.


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