Moreel Zar

The Sister of the Wind


A pale woman with jet black hair and narrow eyes. She always seems to be scrutinizing her surroundings, and has a dour appearance. She is very thin, to the point of looking almost unhealthy.


The acting leader and chief seer of the Sisterhood of the Silver Dragon. Moreel uses her talents and her connection to the Dragon of the Higher Breath to read the whispers of the wind and predict the correct course of action for her sisters to take.

She is the most devout of the Sisters, and spends much of her time in scrying, attempting to scan the heavens for any insight they may offer her. She was the first to discover the Silver Dragon, which ultimately turned out to be the Lacryman flagship carrying Councilman Arada Hesse.

Using Vasin’s teleportation skills, Moreel made initial contact with the Lacryman vessel, which had originally only been surveying the planet. Convinced the strange beings on board where advocates of the Silver Dragon, she began to share with them much information about Arkova IV, which lead to her deception at the hands of Hesse.

Moreel aided Hesse by initiating a collection of lure from all the world’s major nations and ports, an act that crippled the Arkovan economy while jeopardizing the theocratic status of the Sisterhood across the planet. However, firmly convinced that her actions would result in the revelation of the home world of her people, Moreel persisted.

She ultimately could not be swayed against her perceived masters, and engaged the heroes in battle at the top of the Hush. She was mortally wounded by Janet Blackchurch after she dominated the mind of Arro Ceid. Although the team attempted to spare her by carrying her out of the Hush when Hesse began to extract the lure from the structure, she broke free and activated a process that lead to Tuona and Mauta being used as a conduit for a alchemical algebraic recalibration. She disappeared, much like the other inhabitants of the chamber, but she was not located in the ruins of Votum II like the others. It is uncertain what happened to Moreel, but it is highly likely that she did manage to escape.

However, it is still unknown what will happen should the team meet her again- will she still side with the duplicitous Lacrymans, or will she have seen the error in her ways?

Moreel’s combat style was notably more arcane than her sisters, but she did bear a powerful artifact- the Fletcher’s Harp, a mystical bow capable of striking down a foe with arrows of melodic beauty and potent force. After the battle and ensuing recalibration, Roth ended up in possession of the sorceress’ weapon.

Moreel Zar

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