Arias Klondstein

Mendel philosopher and leader of the Mendel Race terrorist group


A thin man with a rugged looking gray goatee and a shaved head. His eyes sparkle with intelligence, and his face wears the mark of great responsibility and hardship. He is very tall, standing a good six and a half feet in height, and appears to be roughly fifty years old.


Born into a family of Mendel aristocrats, Arias Klondstein was earmarked for a position on the Coalition Council from a very young age. However, everyone was surprised when he instead chose to study philosophy and poetry, turning his back on his family’s prestige to contemplate the mysteries of the universe.

However, when he was confronted with anti-Mendel sentiments while traveling the galaxy, Klondstein began to develop a grudge towards humans and the races that supported him. He began to see for the first time that while Macada was considered an independent star system, there would always be those that would feel propriety towards not only his home, but his people in general.

In 890 PF, House Axolotl released a form of gene therapy that could be used to inhibit the abilities of High Mendels, a group of Mendels with notably advanced abilities. Klondstein was outraged, citing that Mendels that exhibited unique and potent abilities were no more dangerous than those among the Lacrymans or the Rovarri, and that the attitudes of House Axolotl were offensive. When the Coalition began to fund further research into the project, Klondstein formed a lobbyist group that sought to outlaw the legislation on genetic conditions.

Klondstein feared that, if allowed to go uncontested, House Axolotl would use their research to once again wield their authority over individuals within Mendel society- individuals who could very well serve as the upper echelons of Mendel society within the future. He worked tirelessly to stop the progress of House researchers, and ultimately he did manage to waylay the passing of a bill that would allow the Coalition to make use of the therapy to control Mendels exhibiting High Mendel mutations.

However, when House Axolotl began to experiment on High Mendel children, Klondstein took his activism a step further, and allied himself with a Mendel militia called Mendel Race. Under Klondstein’s charismatic leadership, Mendel Race led assault after assault on House-owned planetoids and space stations, ultimately garnering the group the label of “terrorist”.

As time went on, Mendel Race became a veritable enemy of the Coalition state as well, and Klondstein’s once optimistic activism was replaced with ruthless and militant behavior.

Klondstein is less active in his old age, relegating most of the administration of the group to subordinates. He is particularly close with Rachael Finn, a High Mendel child he rescued from House custody after she had been maimed by their experimentations.

Arias Klondstein

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