Jand Rhadama

The Sister of Flame


A noble looking woman with shoulder length brown hair and a lithe body. She has a strong jawline and high cheekbones, and her face commands respect.


The Flame Sister, named such for her connection to the Dragon of Flames, a mighty feline beast that resides in the fiery depths of the Glass Mines of Krastia on Arkova IV.

Jand is the most honorable of the Sisterhood, and is genuinely admired by the people. Before gaining her blessing, she was raised as a swordsman in service to King Fiorades of Krastia Minor.

As such, Jand has come to use her sorcery more for utility, preferring to wield her weapon, the Anvil-still-ringing, against her foes.

Jand encountered the team as they sailed for the Hush, where she challenged Arro to a duel. She nearly had won, but was turned away ultimately. After her duel, she lost the sword to Janet Blackchurch. Jand’s fate is as of yet unclear, but it is believed she died in the Hush incident.

Jand Rhadama

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