Major Jack Jennison

Former Coalition officer and Academy friend of Arro Ceid


As a human, Jack has had many appearances. Originally, he was a pale, freckle faced youth of no notable features, but over the years he has undergone extensive gene modification to take on an appearance he believes to be more appealing. His last form was that of a slender, Asian male with closely cropped hair.

As a Lacryman, he bears many physical similarities to his most recent form, except he bears the amethyst skin tone and striking features of a Lacryman male.


A former Academy companion of Arro’s. The two of them were originally roommates, until Jack separated himself from Arro altogether on mysterious circumstances. Although they both work as subordinates to Colonel Ressa Armadag, they only see each other on rare occasions.

Jack is a man who is motivated by negative emotions and feelings of inadequacy. He seeks to gain power to counterbalance his deeply rooted insecurities, and bears much resentment towards those he feels have wronged him.

Jack is a Major under Colonel Ressa Armadag, and he has been working covertly as a spy for the Last for the past three years. He aids the Lacrymans in their requests for inside information in hopes of eventually being offered a chance to become a Lacryman himself- he feels while he has done much to improved his “flawed” form, he cannot achieve true perfection in a body confined by time.

What possesses Jack to chase physical perfection is uncertain, but it is a goal for which he is willing to betray any and everyone in his life. In fact, it was Jack who helped to orchestrate (at least in part) the assault on Macada II, and it was Jack who was commissioned to kidnap Tesla Soldat in order to use her to some end for the Last. However, he was terribly burned after being shot by Janet Blackchurch, and he was nearly killed. However, he was offered one last chance by the Last and given a temporary new form- a Lacryman body with a strict six month life expectancy. If he can obtain the Lachesis for the Last, they have promised to rectify this condition for him, although it is unknown how they intend to do this.

Major Jack Jennison

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