Halrees Vascon

The Sister of Earth


A dark haired, olive skinned woman with a fearsome expression. She is slender and regal in appearance, with flowing black hair and full red lips. However, she has a feral quality to her, like that of a great predator.


One of the Sisterhood of the Silver Dragon. Halrees is called the Earth Sister because she is said to have received her blessing from the Dragon of Earth, a grand beast living within the heart of the Coronon Mountain range to the west of the kingdom of Lucidia on Arkova IV.

A stern and tempermental woman, she is commonly recognized as the most ferocious of the Sisters. She earned this reputation after putting a band of revolutionaries to the sword during an attempt to remove the extralegal influence of the Sisterhood from the provinces surrounding Lucidia twelve years ago.

She fights using a blend of sorcery and the aid of her holy artifact, the Sword of Loaming. She has a close relationship with none of the other Sisters, preferring to spend most of her time aboard her divine flagship, the Grand Spire.

Of all beings, she holds the chirotrani in great contempt, referring to them as cave lice and vermin. Naturally, her racism has caused her to become the target of a variety of humanist interest groups, citing her attitudes towards the native Arkovans as being cruel and ill-fitting a woman of her position. Perhaps even more naturally, she has yet to regard any of these opinions as anything other than rude noise.

Halrees’ fate is unknown. She was last encountered in the port city of Harfax. At the time of the Hush incident, the Grand Spire was not docked in the island’s ports.

Halrees Vascon

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