Ambassador Finneas Soldat

Human diplomat for the Earth-Mars alliance


A friendly looking middle-aged gentleman, with a slightly stocky build and brown hair with slight hints of gray showing through. He looks as if he was quite handsome in his youth.


The chief ambassador to the Coalition, representing both Earth and Mars. Son of the esteemed Soldat family, and sole heir to the Soldat family fortune.

A gentle, soft-spoken man who is known for being highly attentive to others. Despite his considerate nature, he has a bad habit of being neglectful in regards to his own family, a fact that has long been resented by his only daughter, Tesla.

When Tesla was charged with violating the PTEA after the incident on Arkova IV, he was quick to spring into action and see that his daughter was protected from any serious legal penalization. Since this time, he has not had contact with his daughter- whether or not this is at Tesla’s request is unclear.

After being restored from the coma she was placed in by Jack Jennison, Tesla learned that Finneas was not her biological, but rather adoptive, father.

Ambassador Finneas Soldat

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