Dove Units


A series of metallic woman formed of sculpted metal and alloyed fibers. They stand nearly five and a half feet tall, and have an aloof demeanor that reminds one of the behaviors of a bioreplica.


A series of autonomous, animated soldiers commissioned by the Order of Alma Nostra. They are not mechanical, but rather formed from a specially crafted musculature of metal fibers and contained within a frame crafted from the rare mineral mithril.

Each Dove unit is crafted to resemble a woman of roughly 5’4” in height with a slim frame. Although they bear unique personalities and independent minds, they are created in such a way that they feel compelled to serve the Order unquestioningly. The Order insists this is not an immoral act, as all Doves are imbued with a borrowed life force derived from ambient sources such as plant life. However, there are those in Rebus that are not so certain.

Dove units are granted only the most meager of psionic talents, and are standardly equipped with telepathic communication. No Dove unit is given a name- rather, they are granted a name by others in the Dove community. This name is only spoken telepathically, and then only by other Doves. The moniker is more than just an appellation- it is a brand that defines the role of the Dove who bears it indefinitely.

When a Dove unit dies, it is said the memories are absorbed back into the consciousness of the other Doves. These memories are later redistributed by the rest of the race upon the creation of a new Dove. There are many theories about this act, and it is heavily suspected that the Doves share a common consciousness.

Doves are more than just easily crafted bodies- they are also fierce warriors and tireless workers, which is part of why they are so desired in the Order.

It is said that one of the nine saints that defeated Scorn and Dread was the mother of the Doves. Although her name was lost to antiquity, it is said that all Doves bear her exact likeness, and that her original body was that of a benevolent being from a higher plane. However, upon her untimely death, her spirit was transferred into a new body crafted by the Ahriman.

Dove Units

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