Maxwell Demian

The wealthy CEO of Kodotama Inc


A tall, handsome man with tanned, olive skin and shoulder length blond hair. He speaks with an exotic accent of indeterminable origin- a strange sort of blend of Italian and Delsidian. He wears regal looking clothing and has dark eyes that create an air of mystery about him.


The CEO of the Kodotama software corporation. He is an eccentric billionaire with unusual tastes, and is known for his unusual behaviors as well as his opulent lifestyle. He spends much of his time away from his home planet of Macada, visiting the cities of Rome on Earth and Harest on Delsidia III.

However, despite the notoriety he has gained for his extravagant lifestyle, not much is actually known about Demian. He is never seen far from Alice Edward, his personal assistant. Furthermore, it is rumored he has connections with Mendel Race.

After the incident in the Scheinwelt Emulator, he revealed himself to be a friend of Rachael Finn, and awarded the party with unique access to the Emulators. Additionally, he requested they aid him in testing some unique Scheinwelt programs to be released in the future.

During the attack on Macada II, Demian was in Rome. As such, he avoided any harm.

Maxwell Demian

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