Raaza "Bubble" Ma-r

A quirky and eccentric thoughtsculpter and Coalition operative


A squat, slightly overweight Rovarri wearing a modified Coalition uniform. His wide eyes are decorated with ornate, oversized glasses, and he moves with decidely flamboyant mannerisms.


A notorious Rovarri thoughtsculpter and Coalition operative. He was assigned to extract information from the minds of the native Arkovans and then modify their memories in such a way as they could be kept in captivity without becoming too disturbed.

However, he was stopped when Rachael Finn infiltrated the system of his sculpter and allowed the Arkovans to disengage his false sensory input. He later assaulted the party with his potent psionics, but was badly wounded by ASURA-04.

He managed to escape the battlefield by moving his mind into the station’s central computer and teleporting to safety through the data channels. He has not been seen since.

Raaza is quite notorious for his skill and precision as a thoughtsculpter. It is said he is capable of completely changing a person’s memory with a high-end sculpter and enough time. He has earned the nickname “Bubble”, because he is said to put a person’s mind in a bubble and trap them there when he performs his work on them.

Raaza "Bubble" Ma-r

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