Tesla's robotic sidekick


A clunky steel-blue robot that looks as if it were initially designed for industrial uses. It stands roughly the height of an adult man, and weighs nearly 600 pounds. Despite its clumsy appearance, it is actually quite agile.


A police-model APE robot purchased by Tesla Soldat from a military surplus auction when she was a preteen. Over the years, Tesla has modified this robot, named Bonaparte, rather extensively, upgrading his frame and combat abilities as well as his CPU.

Bonaparte is not a sentient robot, but he is capable of performing actions that require intelligence. Additionally, he has been equipped with rudimentary personality software, which causes him to behave quite mischievously. He has a proclivity for picking up shiny objects and for attempting to “ingest” random scraps of material by taking them into his alchemical engine and converting them into fuel.

Bonaparte is primarily an assistant to Tesla, but he has been known to pitch in in combat. For the most part, however, he exists to attend to Tesla’s needs and occasionally be sent into dangerous areas where humans would otherwise be unable to travel.


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