The familiar to Mauta


A small orange feline with a slightly prominent nose and jaw. Closer inspection reveals a layer of iridescent red scales beneath the fur.


The familiar of Mauta. This fickle dracofeline exhibits notably lower intelligence than it actually has, and seems to revel in the behavior of its lesser relatives. It has a penchant for showing up in the most unusual places without explanation, as witnessed in Episode 6: The People, Cicada.

It is worth noting that “Baby” is not the creature’s actual name. The real name of Mauta’s familiar is uncertain, and “baby” (although a nickname) is the only appellation by which Mauta has ever been heard to address the creature. Furthermore, it seems either incapable or otherwise unwilling to respond to the verbal commands of others, so learning its actual name has proven to be a fairly fruitless pursuit.


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