A unit in the ASURA series


A muscular blond man who towers above others. He has cold blue eyes that feel as though they might burn right through you if he stared at you long enough. His face betrays no emotion, only steely intelligence.


ASURA-04’s predecessor. When it was discovered that ASURA-04 had escaped the House Axolotl containment facility in order to pursue Tesla Soldat, ASURA-03 was upgraded with a database of military and tactical data and outfitted with the most sophisticated combat technology to track and eliminate the Lachesis test subject before the information on the project could become discovered.

He assaulted ASURA-04 and his companions as they were breaking Tesla out of the House space station in Rovano space, but he was destroyed by Tesla Soldat.

Unlike ASURA-04, ASURA-03 specialized in ranged combat and did not contain the memories or essence of a living being, only the empirical data required to perform as a soldier.


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