Councilman Arada Hesse

Lacryman representative to the Coalition Council, and advocate of the Last


A tall, imperial looking Lacryman with a shaved head and piercing black eyes. He is always adorned in the fine clothing one would associate with a decorated politician. Despite his bureaucratic appearance, he is quite strong and has an imposing look about him.


Born to human parents several hundred years ago, Hesse became a Lacryman under very deliberate circumstances. At the formation of the Coalition, it became necessary for the Last to have an envoy between themselves and their current allies, and as such, they found it wise to create a new Lacryman with loyalties to them and with experience in the political arenas of the rest of the galaxy. At the time, Hesse was serving as a mid-level representative from a large human colony on Mars, but he quickly gained the favor of the Last when agreed to speak on behalf of the Lacrymans in interest of fairness during the formation of the Coalition.

Now, Hesse is one of the most influential Lacrymans in the galaxy, if not one of the most influential people, period. He has served in his position for far longer than any other politician, and as such, he carries much clout on the Council. Furthermore, in his time in service he has managed to acquire a large amount of assets and resources, and his financial empire is one of the largest in the galaxy. Although independently wealthy and powerful enough to do as he likes, he bears strong allegiance to the Last, for they are the ones who have granted him the gift of time required to gain his position.

Hesse is a cunning and ruthless man, and he tends to think very pragmatically. This is very different to the behaviors he exhibited as a human- much of his compassion has eroded over the years, leaving only unbending practicality and a sense of detachment from those races of shorter lifespans.

Hesse secretly spearheaded the efforts to mine orexisite from Arkova IV, only to be foiled by events triggered by his own ambitions. In frustration, he has re-initiated old efforts to expand mining rights on Macada, which ultimately led to Lacryma’s secession from the Coalition and declaring war on Macada.

Hesse strongly believes in a form of Lacryman regency over the vital resources of the galaxy, citing that his people are capable of sustaining themselves with a minimum of resources due to their unique ability to life off of their own psionic energies over long periods of time. As such, he feels that it is improper for any other race or political body to control the flow of resources, especially those used in alchemy. He admits this may go against the capitalist markets of many of the Coalition’s members, and it may violate the rights of some individuals (mainly the Mendels of Macada), but it ultimately serves a greater good for every citizen of the galaxy.

Councilman Arada Hesse

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