Alice Edward

Contemplative space-drifter, gambler, and personal assistant to Maxwell Demian


A plain, mousy woman with stringy hair cut cleanly in a bob. She wears heavy glasses and has freckles on her cheeks. Her face is always pinched into an expression of bored analysis. In the Emulator, she looks far more aesthetic, with a polished skin tone, fuller lips, and higher cheekbones. Additionally, her body’s curves seem to be more defined in her virtual reality appearance.


Born in poverty on the second moon of Macada II, Alice Edward was born to a Mendel mother and a human father. As such, her Mendel heritage is weak, and she is significantly lacking in any notable mutation. At the age of 19, she left her home to attend the Lauenbrau Academy, but dropped out after the first semester. Instead of returning home, she chose to instead to wander the galaxy, hopping from freighter to freighter, and paying her way through odd jobs and gambling winnings.

She later became a semi-notorious gambler in the Hora system before deciding to retire from her vagrant lifestyle to become an ascetic living with the Horan refugees on Arzin. After several years living with the refugees, she met with Maxwell Demian, and was soon involved with the man and his efforts to create a Scheinwelt Program that would allow for even more realistic virtual experience than previous attempts. She works as his assistant now, and spends most of her time orchestrating events in Delmont City on Macada II.

Alice Edward

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