The Ahriman

One of the Nine Saints and the crafter of the Veil


One of the Nine Saints from the time of the original Alma. He has many names, but he is most commonly referred to as The Ahriman, a title granted to him by the advocates of the Silver Beast that created him in the beginning of the world.

Ahriman has lived two lives with one consciousness, albeit a dichotomous one. Originally, he was known as Maion, the arbiter of time and spatial movements. It was his responsibility to maintain the space surrounding the planet during the time of the Silver Beast.

However, when the Silver Beast was assaulted by the armies of the sorcerer Alexander, Maion lost his mate, the Sophia Zoe. In order to save her, he channeled her soul into a body composed of immortal metal- an act deemed blasphemy by those who served the Beast. It was at this time he was branded as Ahriman, or “traitor”.

As such, Maion was removed from his own consciousness, and cast into one of the lowest forms of those on Maya- one of the two races to evolve from the indigenous Old Race. Over time, Maion came to forget his life and was raised as a child of the Old Race, taking on the new name Asre Cavananto. Asre eventually came to discover the sleeping remains of the Sophia Zoe, and reactivated her. Over the course of many years, he and the metal woman were involved in many adventures, and eventually he came to work with the first Alma and become one of the nine saints that liberated the world from Scorn and Dread.

Ahriman’s ability to influence time only grew stronger as he reached enlightenment under the tutelage of Alma. At the end of the great conflict, he gained the full sum of his former power when the Sophia sacrificed herself and restored Maion’s immortality. When this occurred, his new skills were increased tenfold, which allowed him to shift the star system of Maya into a pocket dimension safe from the influence of scheming outsiders.

However, this act caused him to lose much of his strength permanently, although he still retains his youthful appearance and many profound abilities to influence the flow of time and space. He remains in contact with the Order, as an adviser to the current Alma, and remains in the company of Tyler Oberon in the former palace of Alexander, where the Sophia ultimately gave her life to save Maya.

The Ahriman was previously a PC in the game Chronicles of Aerie, DMed by Mamelon. He, and many other personalities from Maya, are a direct reference to that campaign and its events.

The Ahriman

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