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Note: Hiatus is officially over, despite the lack of completion of other games. Sorry, I just couldn’t wait any longer, 3 months was waaay too long. Also, the campaign is now a little over a year old!

Recent Updates
3/24/08- Wow, long time no update. Added a page for Succubus, Fury, Lurelicker, Nashan Acetonemone, Naturally Alchemical Arkovan, Sandworm, Vampire Nettles, Dread Locust, Oracle, Subspace Predator, Umbramorph, and Vizier Umbramorph.
12/30/07- Updated Episode 12 and Episode 13. Added pages for Treasures of the Universe, Scheinwelt Emulator, Scheinwelt program, Lacamontane, Shahmeranic Key, Shahmeran, Scornkin, Old One, Noam Ruins, Scheinwelt Challenges, Xxyzzt.
12/10/07- Updated profiles for “Baby”, ASURA-03, Bonaparte, Councilman Arada Hesse, Colonel Ressa Armandag, Maxwell Demian, Colonel Astag Varda, Alice Edward, Arias Klondstein, Naar, Ambassador Finneas Soldat, Raaza “Bubble” Ma-r, and Number 3.
12/07/07- Updated profile for ASURA-04, created wiki entry for orexisite (finally), Rebus, Scorn, Dread, Dreadtouch, updated wiki entry for Adams, Lachesis.
12/06/07- Updated profile for Tesla Soldat, Major Jack Jennison, Dove Units, Grand Marshall Pistis, The Ahriman, and Karen Croft.
12/03/07- Added Episode 11.
11/30/07- Added wiki entries for McLintlock (district), Macada System, Celdine, and Toros.


This game is well organized and it’s very solidly sci-fi, which is cool. It reminds me of Dune with a touch of Star Wars KOTOR style (I adore Dune and KOTOR!), and of course a lot of original content too. I haven’t read through the entire campaign yet, but I definitely will when you’re back from Freaking Elves! :D

Great job, I love the mood so far!

The Gospel Truth

Thanks! This is the first comment I’ve received on this campaign, which is exciting for me, because it’s really my “baby” of the various campaigns I’ve done. I’m glad the Dune elements came across, because it was one of the inspirations for the game (I’m not a huge fan of Dune- I’m too lazy to read the books, but I’ve been fascinated with the world and exposed to a lot of it via my sister, Mamelon.)

Anyway, thanks for the comment!

The Gospel Truth

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