The Accretion Gospel

The story thus far...

The following is a summary of the events of the first 9 chapters of the campaign, which occurred between early March 2007 and early October 2007.

I’m going to try and get this all updated over the course of a few days, but bear with me, as it is a bit difficult to go back mid-campaign and document everything that occurred over a seven month span.

Update: 11/05/07- Finally complete! I’ll be posting the 10th episode as a separate entry, as well as all future episodes. Over the next week or so, I hope to also make all those little red links turn blue for all of you. It’s starting to look better, but there are still, many, many pages left to fill in, so bear with me!

Episode 1: Mission to Arkova

Episode 2: The Valley of the Chirotrani

Episode 3: The Earth Sister

Episode 4: The Serpent at the Scepter

Episode 5: The Culmination at Crystal Spire

Episode 6: The People, Cicada

Episode 7: Awakening

Episode 8: The Last Song of the Desert

Episode 9: Scheinwelt Emulator



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